Maltese Passport Ninth Best to Own in the World


Maltese Citizenship, Passport & the Individual Investors Programme

According to an annual index published by Henley and Partners, a global consultancy on residence and citizenship planning, holding a Maltese passport unlocks a wealth of visa-free travel. Holders of a Maltese passport would be granted unfettered access to 163 destinations. This was recently reported in Maltese newspaper The Malta Independent.

By virtue of Legal Notice LN47/2014 the Government of the Republic of Malta grants naturalisation by investment to reputable individuals and their dependants, after a rigid and thorough due diligence process, that make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the country.

Malta ranks joint ninth with Malaysia in terms of the ease of visa free travel. The index factors in 219 destination countries, therefore the maximum attainable score is 218 as one point is subtracted to account for national travelling to one’s own country.

Malta was given a score of 163, which means that Maltese passport holders can travel to 163 different countries without requiring a visa, but 55 countries still require some form of visa from Maltese travellers. Finland, Sweden and the UK top the index with a total score of 173.

Eritrea, the Palestinian Territory, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan are all in the bottom six of the table. Afghani passport holders have the bleakest visa free travel prospects, as they only have access to 28 destinations out of a possible 218.

Holders of a Chinese passport have unfettered access to 44 destinations, and thanks to a 64-page Guidebook to Civilised Tourism published by China’s national tourism administration, they also have strict instructions on how to act when abroad.