The High Net Worth Individuals Rules for Non-EU/ Non-EEA/ Non-Swiss Have Been Amended


Following the launch of the Global Residency Programme earlier in July, the previous HNWI scheme has been amended (by means of Legal Notice 178 of 2013). As of the 30th of June 2013, no other applications from Non-EU/ Non-EEA/ Non-Swiss nationals in terms of the HNWI Rules will be accepted.

The Rules state that a person availing of the HNWI Rules may request to change to the Global Residence Programme Rules and start availing of the more recent more advantageous program. Those applicants who (as of the 30th of June) are still in the process of applying for their HNWI status may also choose to avail of the new GRP program. This request may be done to the Department through an Authorised Registered Mandatory. CSB is a registered Authorised Registered Mandatory.