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Malta has a wide variety for individuals wanting to take up residence on the island, being EU, EEA, Swiss or third-country nationals.

Malta Residency  

A comprehensive relocation alternative to individuals and businesses in Malta


For those looking to relocate to Malta without having to invest in a Malta Golden Visa or Citizenship by Investment Programme, there are other options available, like getting ordinary residence status on the island. 

In fact, it has been stated that a person is ordinarily resident in a country by taking into account the duration of the individual’s presence in the country, frequency, regularity and nature of visits to the country, as well as business and family ties.

In Malta, both EU and non-EU nationals can move and relocate, but different rules apply.

Also, Maltese Citizenship can be gained by Naturalisation as a Maltese Citizen but a certain procedure must be followed. 

Ordinary Residence

Ordinary Residence

Ordinary Residence is currently available to EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who are seeking to transfer their tax residence to a high quality and tax efficient jurisdiction. Ordinary Residence is achieved through the application of an e-Residence card and the application of an Income Tax Number together with genuine links with the Maltese Islands. 

Single Permit Application  

single permit application

The Key Employee Initiative (KEI) is a type of single permit which is applicable to managerial or a highly-technical post which requires relevant qualifications or adequate experience related to the job being applied for. There are certain requirements that one needs to abide with in order to submit a single permit application under the KEI. The latter is a faster process which would require less documentation to be submitted. 

Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation  

Citizenship by neutralisation

As of 21st September 1964, Malta became and Independent State. Consequently, the Independence Constitution amongst other matters, established who would be entitled to an automatic claim to become a Maltese citizen, whether it is by birth or descent. 

Further certain conditions being met, you may be able to apply for citizenship in Malta by naturalisation or registration. 

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