Personal Relocation to Malta

Personal Relocation to Malta

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CSB Group provides top-notch relocation services that range from getting residency through a tax programme to finding the right home and employment. Our team of dedicated professionals are equipped with the right expertise to ensure a smooth relocation to our clients and their families. 

Residency Opportunities

Malta offers a number of opportunities for an individual to reside on the Maltese Islands. Interested individuals may qualify to obtain residency under different programmes, incentives or rules depending on various criteria. CSB Group can assist you with choosing the applicable residency permit and support you throughout the application process.

Ordinary Residence

The concept of ordinary residence, although not legalistic is not as challenging as domicile. Also, the term is not defined in our law and lends its definition from British judgements. In fact it has been stated that a person is ordinary resident in a country by taking into account the duration of the individual’s presence in the country, frequency, regularity and nature of visits to the country, as well as business and family ties.


Citizenship by Naturalisation or Registration

As of 21st September 1964, Malta became and Independent State. Consequently, the Independence Constitution amongst other matters, established who would be entitled to an automatic claim to become a Maltese citizen, whether it is by birth or descent.

Further certain conditions being met, you may be able to apply for citizenship in Malta by naturalisation or registration.

The Malta Retirement Programme Rules

By virtue of the inclusion of the Subsidiary Legislation 123.134 to the Maltese Income Tax Act, a special tax status has been issued for retirees of all nationalities alike, including third country nationals, except Maltese, when remitting their pension into Malta. This means that a fixed tax rate of 15% will be due on the pension remitted, and the minimum tax payable shall be of €7,500 for the beneficiary and €500 for each of his/ her dependants (if any).

Highly Qualified Persons Rules

The 15% income tax programme, known as the Highly Qualified Persons Rules (HQP), aims to attract highly qualified persons to occupy “eligible office” with companies licensed and/or recognized by the relevant Competent Authority such as the Malta Financial Services Authority – MFSA, Malta Gaming Authority – MGA or with undertakings holding an air operators’ certificate issued by Transport Malta.

The Qualifying Employment in Innovation & Creativity Rules (Personal Income Tax)

The Qualifying Employment in Creativity & Innovation Rules were brought into force through Subsidiary Legislation 123.141, beneath the Malta Income Tax Act. This taxation scheme was mainly devised to attract to Malta individuals working within knowledge-based industries such as iGaming, engineering, technology and product development in order to address the skills gap present in Malta’s labour market. An applicant who is deemed eligible for this scheme would be able to benefit from an income tax rate of 15%, upon satisfying the conditions of the Rules.

Key Employee Initiative (KEI)

‘The Key Employee Initiative’ (KEI) has been introduced by Identity Malta with the aim of facilitating the issuing of single permits, which incorporate the work and residence permits, to highly-specialised third-country nationals who seek employment in Malta.

The Single Permit Application (Work Permit)

The need for a Single Permit (commonly referred to as ‘work permit’) derives from the Directive 2001/98 of the 13th of December 2011 which specifies a single application procedure for a single permit encompassing both work and residency in the territory of a member state.

Other Personal Relocation Considerations

CSB Group as a leading relocation services specialist is aware that moving to a new country is an intenisive exercise and involved a number of important factors to take into consideration. Our all-round tailor-made services can give you peace of mind that you are making the correct and necessary arrangements while saving presious time.

Other relocation services include:

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