Malta iGaming Licence Types

Malta iGaming Licence Types

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CSB Group can help you obtain your Malta Remote Gaming Licence. The Remote Gaming Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Regulations’) established four (4) Types of Remote Gaming Licences.

Applicants may apply for a Gaming Service or a Critical Gaming Supply Licence

Gaming service licence is a business-to-consumer licence to offer or carry out a gaming service. A critical gaming supply licence is a business-to-business licence to provide or carry out a critical gaming supply.

The following services shall each constitute a gaming service:

  1. offering, provision or operation of a gaming service;
  2. hosting by a person in his premises accessible to the public, the operation or making available for use a gaming device or gaming system

The following services shall each constitute a critical gaming supply:

  1. supply and management of material elements of a game;
  2. supply and management of software, to generate, capture, control or process essential regulatory record and/or supply and management of the control system itself on which the software resides.

Applicants applying for a gaming service or a critical gaming supply can offer one or more of the following game types:

Type 1 – Games of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is determined by a random generator, and shall include casino type games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker played against the house, lotteries, secondary lotteries and virtual sports games; and/or;

Type 2 – Games of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is not generated randomly, but is determined by the result of an event or competition extraneous to a game of chance, and whereby the operator manages his or her own risk by managing the odds offered to the player; and/or;

Type 3 – Games of chance not played against the house and wherein the operator is not exposed to gaming risk, but generates revenue by taking a commission or other charge based on the stakes or the prize, and shall include player versus player games such as poker, bingo, betting exchange, and other commission based games; and/or;

Type 4 – Controlled skill games as per regulation 8 of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations.

Provided further that in the case of a game displaying elements which may fall under more than one of the types referred to above, the Authority shall have full discretion in categorising the game in the type it believes closest reflects the nature of the game.

A separate approval is required for each gaming vertical that requires safeguards in order to ensure that it is offered in a manner which adheres to the Law and the regulatory objectives:

  1. Casino;
  2. Live casino;
  3. Lotteries and secondary lotteries;
  4. Fixed odds betting;
  5. Pool betting, including betting exchange;
  6. Poker and other commission-based, peer-to-peer games such as bingo, but excluding betting exchange;
  7. Lottery messenger services; and;
  8. Controlled skill games.

Applications for licences can be submitted to the MGA via the Licensee Relationship Management System (LRMS).

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