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Employment Law

CSB Group provides – among others – both assistance in order to obtain residence and work permit and a wide range of corporate, legal and financial services to those companies which decide to locate in Malta and to maximise their profits within legitimate and transparent business structures.

Working in Malta

Malta has attracted – and continues to attract – a considerable amount of people who move to the island for the purpose of working here.

Malta, being a member of the European Union, has in fact facilitated the fact that EU nationals can freely work and live in Malta, however, it is still a requirement for a  third country national to obtain a work permit to work in Malta.  As a consequence, Malta’s workforce is multilingual, highly skilled, educated and flexible.

Benefits of Working in Malta

There are many attractive factors to work in Malta. Among others, Malta offers a very attractive fiscal regime, a stable political and economic climate, healthy industrial relations and a very strategic physical location in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Moreover, indices for Malta are exceptionally high in terms of its cost of living, the environment, freedom, health, safety and climate. Living standards in Malta are also good and compare well with those of continental Europe. In this respect, the island’s very low crime rate means that Malta is a safe country to live in and is an ideal place to base families if one is engaged in commercial activities within the region. As a business destination, Malta has a lot to offer, and as a home, there can be few places more ideal.

Employment Incentives

In its pursuit to attract talent to Malta and to accommodate foreign companies which need to bring in human resources from abroad, the Maltese legislator has introduced a number of very attractive employment incentives which cover tax incentives, soft loans, investment allowances, training assistance and more, as well as flexibility in activities.

CSB provides full support to its clients in obtaining residence and work permits for their staff and in administering client payroll, coordinating all relevant paperwork with the relevant authorities and guiding clients through the procedures and pitfalls in the course of administering these formalities. Our legal team also provides an array of employment-related solutions including contracts of service, dismissals, redundancies, transfers of employees between undertakings, equal treatment on the workplace and the implementation of appropriate systems and procedures for clients’ human resources.

Services Include:

  • Employment agreements
  • Industry-specific conditions of employment
  • Implementation of suitable incentive schemes
  • Work permits
  • Incentives and grants
  • Malta data protection and privacy issues
  • Transfer of employees between undertakings
  • Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Proceedings before the Industrial Tribunal
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